EFTEX processes transactions from more than 10,000 ATM and POS terminals in Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong and the Philippines.

EFTEX operates on a Postilion payments processing platform (ACI, formerly S1) using Stratus fault tolerant (FT) hardware and has achieved 99.99% availability over the past 5 years (including scheduled outages).

EFTEX’s network infrastructure provides “end to end” EMV capabilities and continues to meet the stringent ongoing security requirements of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).


EFTEX provides a DCC service as part of its ATM driving suite, where international cardholders are provided with the option of having transactions processed back to the card issuer in their “home” country.

This allows the cardholder to make an informed decision at the time of the transaction or choose to allow the card scheme or card issuer to apply a conversion rate. DCC not only provides a service for cardholders, but can be an additional revenue stream for ATM owners through sharing in the FX spread.

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ATM Acquiring
Through its relationships with ANZ, UnionPay International and Westpac, EFTEX can provide ATM owners in Australia with turn-key solutions for terminal driving, transaction processing and acquiring / settlement. Outside of Australia, we work with our clients to assist in securing acquiring sponsorship from local institutions for Visa and MasterCard processing.

ATM Deployer Portal
EFTEX developed its own ‘Web Portal’ which is designed to provide authorised ATM deployers a centralized monitoring location. The EFTEX Portal allows deployers (of Triton, Hyosung and cashPod) to manage terminals using tools to add, view, edit and report on their network.


EFTEX’s highly trained helpdesk is a significant asset that provides technical support and monitoring services 24 hours x 365 days a year for both local and international clients.

EFTEX’s helpdesk team is trained in ATM diagnostics, communications and settlement procedures resulting in better ATM uptime whilst reducing the costs associated with unnecessary call-outs.

EFTEX uses the Fiserv Device Manager system to provide complete incident management functionality for our clients’ ATM networks (and other devices) and is designed to receive, analyse, respond to and manage complex status information from any compatible device or process.


Communications can be one of the most significant expenses in running an ATM network. EFTEX has a variety of cost effective communications options to meet your needs. Whether it is a temporary location for just a few days, or a critical high traffic location requiring business grade ADSL communications with an option for fallback 3G/4G wireless technology supplied by TNS, EFTEX has a solution to meet your needs. EFTEX was the first processor in Australia to develop and deploy “wireless” ATMs and has been using this cost effective, reliable technology since 2004.

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